The Hectic Life of a DJ

A club DJ is someone who plays songs at nightclubs, bars, raves, and parties using CDs, MP3s, or vinyl records. A traditional setup features a mixer, a sound system, headphones, and a couple of turntables. Modern setups, however, feature CDs and digital mixing software.


A club DJ typically makes $300 per night and can earn an average of $30,000 per year. He can also get paid in free drinks or tickets. Most club DJs work on weekend nights, particularly from Thursday to Saturday. These are the busiest days of the week and shifts usually last for long hours.

New DJs have a more hectic schedule because they need to establish a reputation first. They may even have to have a day job so that they can make ends meet. It is not uncommon for new DJs to not earn enough money for all their needs. However, once they are able to establish a reputation, gain fans, and make connections, they can start earning good money.

DJs usually work with bookers, promoters, talent buyers, nightclub managers, bands, and their personal manager. They need to exert effort in building a fan base and establishing a reputation in the industry. There are a lot of competitors, so they may have to work for free in the beginning. They have to get to know bar and club owners and learn what the audience likes.

DJs can also produce their own music. However, they have to exert extra effort in finding out what the most popular music genres are, as well as where and when they have to perform to make their music known. It is good if they live in a major city where there are frequent raves and festivals.

In addition, DJs have to spend a lot of time online, following other DJs to get updates and learn more about popular styles. They also have to network with these DJs as well as their fans in order to become more popular. They have to maintain Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts to maintain their online presence.

DJs also need to know about the latest trends in music so that they can play requests from the audience. They have to be friendly to everyone on the dance floor. They also have to appear energetic, no matter how tired they are. Moreover, they have to give out demo CDs and upload their mixes to build a bigger fan base.




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