Hunting like a Pro with the Help of These 7 Tips

If you know how to use a rifle, you will surely know how to use a crossbow. If it is your first time, however, you should know the fundamentals. You have to learn about cocking, shooting, and uncocking.


You have to cock before you load the arrow. You also have to pull back the string using even pressure on both sides of your barrel. If you misalign the string even with just a very short inch, the point of impact of your arrow will change greatly.

You do not need any tools to cock by hand, although the process can be very difficult.

You can use a lightweight cocking rope to ensure that you cock consistently as well as reduce the effort necessary to pull back your string.

However, it would double the distance that you have to pull. If you are not tall enough, you may have a hard time using the cocking rope.

When it comes to shooting, you have to put an arrow in the barrel to load your crossbow.

You will find a channel in which the cock vane can fit into. See to it that you do not wrap your thumb over the crossbow’s forearm because it is highly dangerous.

You can actually leave the bow cocked, as long as you remove your arrow from it. However, make sure that you uncock your bow when your hunt is over.

You can do this by shooting your crossbow. Take your hunting arrow out of the barrel and replace it with a blunter one.

jaguar-crossbowEven if you are just a beginner, you can hunt like a pro with a Jaguar crossbow. It is a heavy duty hunting crossbow with a 175-pound draw weight.

Arrows can move as fast as 245 fps. It features a compression molded fiberglass limb as well as an auto safety cocking mechanism. It also has a weaver rail and a reinforced composited stock.


Anyway, if you want to get better at hunting, you should follow these tips:

  1. Take note of the draw length.

You need to make sure that your equipment is properly fitting. Do not choose a bow that has a very long draw length. To determine the right draw length for you, you should measure the distance from your anchor point to the wall.

  1. Lose weight.

Refrain from pulling unnecessary draw weight because this can make you exhausted. You will develop bad habits as well as suffer from target panic and quivering muscles.

  1. Switch to carbons.

You can use carbon arrows since they are more lightweight and they can result in tighter pin gaps and flatter arrow trajectory. They also do not get bent or dinged like aluminum shafts.

  1. Go for a large-diameter peep.

It is important for you to have a consistent anchor point if you want to shoot accurately. With a string peep, you can position your face the same way after a shot. Since you are hunting, your best option is a peep sight with a large hole. It lets more light in.

  1. Stabilize your shot.crossbow-hunting

You may also want to use a heavy stabilizer to improve your accuracy. When you add more weight to the front of your bow, it becomes easier for you to hold your sight pin steady on your target.

  1. Use a mechanical broadhead.

You can maintain great accuracy when you use a low profile, mechanical broadhead because it does not have any exposed surface areas unlike a fixed-blade broadhead. Thus, it flies more like a field point.

  1. Practice with your broadhead.

Of course, you have to practice if you want to get better at something. When you are done setting up your bow, you have to shoot it to reach your full potential. You can try shooting twenty arrows during your practice sessions. Then, you should analyze your shots.


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