Five DJs In Australia Worth Keeping an Ear Out For

Could it be that there is a new epicenter for the planets desired digital bounce? Could Holland’s only export be reduced to plain old petroleum?

Given our glorious age of border annihilating technology, music no longer has to be moved slowly over waterways within felt lined cases filled with brass and carried by large groups of awkward teenagers. Nor does the planet have to hope certain reserved vinyl editions make it to their shores.

That man before your eyes is none other than Electro DJ Tommy Trash. I can’t help but notice he is commanding one hell of a party. Now, the Australians claim to have had a grasp of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene, however, without the declaration of the Yankees, it isn’t so. This is largely due to the influence the States has on the rest of pop culture.

Platforms for sharing, or “stealing,” music allow for those digital orchestras to sail straight across the Pacific solidifying the Australian stronghold of the EDM scene.

Melbourne Bounce, Glitch, and the specialty of Tommy Trash, high energy electro are the EDM offspring storming the world. The sounds are referenced as “sunset.” With one word simplifying exactly what I think of while enjoying Aussie influenced house or bass music.

Enter the poster boy. You know him, I love him, Flume. Or known by his mother as Harley Sorensen, he makes his presence known in the biggest music festivals in the world. You may have heard of them, I have been to them:

  • Coachella
  • Lollapalooza
  • Bonnaroo

If Mr. Strenten could be considered the king of Aussie DJs, Alison Wonderland would most certainly be the new queen. Praise from top producers from across the globe, it’s been said she is among the best DJs from down under. Smashing the charts, and my headphones, the Outback is here.

Melbourne Bounce

Melbourne BounceI know that nothing increases my heart rate like rapid brass based electronic juice. An original Aussie twist on EDM showcased by the Bounce Bus Tour. The drivers of this bus are the talented duo of Timmy Trumpet and Will Sparks. According to Will, “only being acceptable in a small room to now being played at big festivals. Once it crossed that line, somehow everyone was into it.” Melbourne bounce became synonymous with “big room house.” I consider any genre is demanding 36 cities for a tour to be most definitely “big.”


Australian glitch hopI thought the DJ already wielded power over the sweaty hopping masses, but glitch introduced another element. This element is the ability of the DJ to manipulate the sounds of the music and the energy of the crowd without being bound to a specific BPM (Beats Per Minute). These methods were seemingly foreign to the top UK DJs. Mr. Bill is a Melbourne based unique noise master.

Although unique, there is nothing random about the feeling induced from the intention of these artists. According to Beatport Charts, The DropStarz and Mary Tales are representing Australian glitch hop well at the second spot.

My Top Five (For the Record)

1. Alison Wonderland
2. Tommy Trash
3. Flume
4. Timmy Trumpet
5. Will Sparks

As ‘Ah Yeah’ still hits my playlist daily, ‘I want U’ from Alison has become my favorite track, hence the number one spot. I look forward to seeing at least one, if not several from this short list in the next EDM festival.

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