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How the Internet Has Changed the Music Industry Forever

It seems like yesterday the better part of my day was spent downloading music libraries. Constantly watching my queue list for which tracks have been completed, then thinking of another song I simply must have, or “steal.”

downloading music libraries

The Candy Store

Did someone hand me the key to the candy store? And the only price I have to pay is listening to the several seconds of incredibly annoying modem noises? Yes, then you have a deal.

Napster, the first of the music streaming services, became the nemesis of Metallica, and all other mega musicians, directly after flipping an industry upside down. Simply providing a forum for different music fans to exchange personal libraries quickly turned into the mass theft.

My personal favorites of the music sharing pioneers are, or was, Limewire. PC Mag officially claimed this person to person sharing method ilegal downloading of music“dead.” The magazine explains how the court stopped internet sharing services.

Torrents became the next method used to share music. This method follows the requirements of the law.

How? There is no real music format being sent at all. It is merely only location information that is exchanged using torrent files.

In a way, the user is just given the location of the particular search for the song or album. The user now knows where the door is. The user also knows the door is unlocked. Now, the user simply retrieves the file containing real music.

According to Recording Connection, eliminating royalties through sharing creates criminal behavior.

When property is shared rather than sold, the exchange eliminates funds. Without funds or cash, there are no royalties for artists and producers. Hence, music piracy.

Millions of people became criminals, and pirates, overnight. Despite nobody feeling as if they nicked nothing at all.

The Bad

Many artists lost income and even robbed of earned opportunities. I don’t believe it is right because most labels, producers, and artists havemusic piracy a higher than average income, they are robbed of their property.

This is truly the worst part of the internet music sharing era. The intellectual property still counts as an asset. It may not feel like breaking into the garage of Metallica and nicking one of their cars. However, it truly is taking something from someone else. The entertainment industry is riddled with intellectual theft.

Consider stand-up comedians attempting to maintain possession of jokes. Again, if they created that joke, it’s their intellectual property, and you can’t necessarily lock it in a safe.

The Good

The music industry has had to become creative with price points. Lowering prices isn’t enough, working with the internet revolution different methods of selling music must be adjusted for. For instance, downloading each track in addition to purchasing the entire album must both be options.

music industry evolve to internetThe old school is a must in this movement as well. This means this artist have to get back to work. That’s right, playing live. Good old-fashioned in your face entertainment. I think this amazing – it opens more opportunities to see favorite artists closer to home.

For smaller artists, getting noticed has become easier than ever. The cost of getting talent out there, meaning the world, is relatively nothing compared to before the internet movement. There is no need to spend a fortune on demos. Demos that may never be listened to.

The internet has simply eliminated borders. So, consider the masses in Ohio can’t stand your music, but Germany loves it.

In the end evolution of the music industry is a must. Artists will complain about the internet. The better action is to evolve with the internet movement.

Five DJs In Australia Worth Keeping an Ear Out For

Could it be that there is a new epicenter for the planets desired digital bounce? Could Holland’s only export be reduced to plain old petroleum?

Given our glorious age of border annihilating technology, music no longer has to be moved slowly over waterways within felt lined cases filled with brass and carried by large groups of awkward teenagers. Nor does the planet have to hope certain reserved vinyl editions make it to their shores.

That man before your eyes is none other than Electro DJ Tommy Trash. I can’t help but notice he is commanding one hell of a party. Now, the Australians claim to have had a grasp of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene, however, without the declaration of the Yankees, it isn’t so. This is largely due to the influence the States has on the rest of pop culture.

Platforms for sharing, or “stealing,” music allow for those digital orchestras to sail straight across the Pacific solidifying the Australian stronghold of the EDM scene.

Melbourne Bounce, Glitch, and the specialty of Tommy Trash, high energy electro are the EDM offspring storming the world. The sounds are referenced as “sunset.” With one word simplifying exactly what I think of while enjoying Aussie influenced house or bass music.

Enter the poster boy. You know him, I love him, Flume. Or known by his mother as Harley Sorensen, he makes his presence known in the biggest music festivals in the world. You may have heard of them, I have been to them:

  • Coachella
  • Lollapalooza
  • Bonnaroo

If Mr. Strenten could be considered the king of Aussie DJs, Alison Wonderland would most certainly be the new queen. Praise from top producers from across the globe, it’s been said she is among the best DJs from down under. Smashing the charts, and my headphones, the Outback is here.

Melbourne Bounce

Melbourne BounceI know that nothing increases my heart rate like rapid brass based electronic juice. An original Aussie twist on EDM showcased by the Bounce Bus Tour. The drivers of this bus are the talented duo of Timmy Trumpet and Will Sparks. According to Will, “only being acceptable in a small room to now being played at big festivals. Once it crossed that line, somehow everyone was into it.” Melbourne bounce became synonymous with “big room house.” I consider any genre is demanding 36 cities for a tour to be most definitely “big.”


Australian glitch hopI thought the DJ already wielded power over the sweaty hopping masses, but glitch introduced another element. This element is the ability of the DJ to manipulate the sounds of the music and the energy of the crowd without being bound to a specific BPM (Beats Per Minute). These methods were seemingly foreign to the top UK DJs. Mr. Bill is a Melbourne based unique noise master.

Although unique, there is nothing random about the feeling induced from the intention of these artists. According to Beatport Charts, The DropStarz and Mary Tales are representing Australian glitch hop well at the second spot.

My Top Five (For the Record)

1. Alison Wonderland
2. Tommy Trash
3. Flume
4. Timmy Trumpet
5. Will Sparks

As ‘Ah Yeah’ still hits my playlist daily, ‘I want U’ from Alison has become my favorite track, hence the number one spot. I look forward to seeing at least one, if not several from this short list in the next EDM festival.

Hunting like a Pro with the Help of These 7 Tips

If you know how to use a rifle, you will surely know how to use a crossbow. If it is your first time, however, you should know the fundamentals. You have to learn about cocking, shooting, and uncocking.


You have to cock before you load the arrow. You also have to pull back the string using even pressure on both sides of your barrel. If you misalign the string even with just a very short inch, the point of impact of your arrow will change greatly.

You do not need any tools to cock by hand, although the process can be very difficult.

You can use a lightweight cocking rope to ensure that you cock consistently as well as reduce the effort necessary to pull back your string.

However, it would double the distance that you have to pull. If you are not tall enough, you may have a hard time using the cocking rope.

When it comes to shooting, you have to put an arrow in the barrel to load your crossbow.

You will find a channel in which the cock vane can fit into. See to it that you do not wrap your thumb over the crossbow’s forearm because it is highly dangerous.

You can actually leave the bow cocked, as long as you remove your arrow from it. However, make sure that you uncock your bow when your hunt is over.

You can do this by shooting your crossbow. Take your hunting arrow out of the barrel and replace it with a blunter one.

jaguar-crossbowEven if you are just a beginner, you can hunt like a pro with a Jaguar crossbow. It is a heavy duty hunting crossbow with a 175-pound draw weight.

Arrows can move as fast as 245 fps. It features a compression molded fiberglass limb as well as an auto safety cocking mechanism. It also has a weaver rail and a reinforced composited stock.


Anyway, if you want to get better at hunting, you should follow these tips:

  1. Take note of the draw length.

You need to make sure that your equipment is properly fitting. Do not choose a bow that has a very long draw length. To determine the right draw length for you, you should measure the distance from your anchor point to the wall.

  1. Lose weight.

Refrain from pulling unnecessary draw weight because this can make you exhausted. You will develop bad habits as well as suffer from target panic and quivering muscles.

  1. Switch to carbons.

You can use carbon arrows since they are more lightweight and they can result in tighter pin gaps and flatter arrow trajectory. They also do not get bent or dinged like aluminum shafts.

  1. Go for a large-diameter peep.

It is important for you to have a consistent anchor point if you want to shoot accurately. With a string peep, you can position your face the same way after a shot. Since you are hunting, your best option is a peep sight with a large hole. It lets more light in.

  1. Stabilize your shot.crossbow-hunting

You may also want to use a heavy stabilizer to improve your accuracy. When you add more weight to the front of your bow, it becomes easier for you to hold your sight pin steady on your target.

  1. Use a mechanical broadhead.

You can maintain great accuracy when you use a low profile, mechanical broadhead because it does not have any exposed surface areas unlike a fixed-blade broadhead. Thus, it flies more like a field point.

  1. Practice with your broadhead.

Of course, you have to practice if you want to get better at something. When you are done setting up your bow, you have to shoot it to reach your full potential. You can try shooting twenty arrows during your practice sessions. Then, you should analyze your shots.


Why Using Adblocking and a VPN Is a Great Idea!

If you are frequently online, you should consider using adblocking and a VPN. These tools are effective in maintaining your anonymity online, keeping your data secure, protecting you against hackers and online criminals, and allowing you to browse freely on the Internet.

Adblocking extensions, for instance, are useful for blocking annoying Internet ads.

What’s more, you can use them to block other material that displeases you, such as offensive things and rickrolls.

vpnEven better, they can help you keep your computer more secure by blocking malicious software. So, if you do not want to risk getting a malware, installing an adblocking extension could be worth it.

When you first install your adblocking extension, you may not view it on the list of your ad filters.

Nonetheless, you can get the filter that shows a list of domains used to spread malware and spyware. You can take advantage of this filter if you have an adblocking extension on your browser such as Adblock Plus.

VPNs are great too. They give you total online anonymity. So, if you wish to surf the web without anyone knowing about your location and other information, you can use a VPN such as CyberGhost.

It hides your IP address and replaces it with a random one. You get to share this IP address with other people, so nobody gets to track who you are or where you are.

You do not even have to worry about your logs getting stored or tracked. You get to be completely anonymous.

VPNs help you maintain your privacy as well as protect you against hackers and data miners. When you use your VPN, Internet traffic is brought to a tunnel that uses military grade encryption.

This means that your private conversations, bank account information, and online transactions are completely safe. Nobody can intercept them even if you are using a public Wi-Fi network.

Aside from the safety and security features, you also get to enjoy great perks with a VPN.

For instance, if you are in a country that blocks certain content on the Internet, you can use your VPN to access these websites. Thus, you can still watch your favorite shows and movies, as well as keep up with the latest news.

Even if you are in a country that restricts Hulu and Netflix, you will not feel homesick because you will still be able to stream content the way you used to.

About the Author

Samuel Mault aka the VPN Boss Australia’s top Authority on VPNs and online privacy. Samuel is also leading DJ in Australia



The Top 5 DJs In the UK and What Makes Them the Best!

  1. Carl Cox

Carl Cox has been working as a professional DJ since his early teenage years. He has been all over the music industry. For him, life is all about breaking tunes, playing music, and celebrating. He started with turntables and disco music. Then, he went on to play electro, rare groove, and hip-hop. He was also a pioneer of the Phuture track. Back then, people thought that he had freaked out. That did not stop him, though. In fact, those same people are the ones who are making the music today.

His years of training and working as a DJ paid off really well. He became the top DJ in the UK. After trying out pop music for a while, he went back to club parties and embraced techno. He said that techno brings people an element of surprise and does not let them know where they are going, which is both scary and wonderful.

  1. Calvin Harris

His trademark sound is dance-pop built from electro basslines and staccato synths. He started with “Acceptable In the 80s” and went on to work on “The Girls” before debuting his houseparty album. Everything was going well until he hit a bump and gained some haters. Some people viewed him as arrogant and even taken the words of his music literally. So, they really thought that he was a womanizer and he lived the high life in Las Vegas, even though he wrote his music way back.

Calvin Harris still continued to produce great music in spite of such rumors. He even said that dance music is great since it allows you to borrow a piece from every music genre. You can use different kinds of instruments to create an amazing dance track.

  1. Above & Beyond


They are successful not only because they are talented, but also because they cherish their fans. So many people play their songs at important occasions of their life, such as weddings and birthdays. Some even have their lyrics tattooed on their body. There are also couples who get engaged during Above & Beyond’s gigs. These people all pledge their loyalty to Above & Beyond. They see Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamaki, and Tony Mcguinness, the members of Above & Beyond, as more than just makers of electronic music.

In spite of their huge success, the London-based trio remains humble. They are also determined and focused to reach their next goal. For more than a decade of performing, their hard work has surely paid off well. Today, they bring in a new crowd every week. They perform in different countries in different continents. They continue to create awesome music and inspire others.

  1. Nervo

Nervo is composed of Liv and Mim Nervo, two Australian sisters. They started out by writing music for Kylie Minogue, David Guetta, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha. Soon enough, they were able to release music under Nervo, along with the biggest producers in the industry, such as Nicky Romero, Afrojack, and Steve Aoki.

At present, Nervo is one of the biggest acts when it comes to dance music. They go on tours and work on their debut album. They work hard, also spinning at festivals, clubs, and parties. They addicted to clubs, which make them more passionate about what they do.

  1. Andy

As a child, he used to play a small drum kit. As he grew older, he started listing to different types of music. Eventually, he began his own label. He made tunes and released them to the public. He also met Sting, who helped him with his career. Then, he met more people and his career became more successful. To this date, the people he has worked with in the past are still part of his label.


The Hectic Life of a DJ

A club DJ is someone who plays songs at nightclubs, bars, raves, and parties using CDs, MP3s, or vinyl records. A traditional setup features a mixer, a sound system, headphones, and a couple of turntables. Modern setups, however, feature CDs and digital mixing software.


A club DJ typically makes $300 per night and can earn an average of $30,000 per year. He can also get paid in free drinks or tickets. Most club DJs work on weekend nights, particularly from Thursday to Saturday. These are the busiest days of the week and shifts usually last for long hours.

New DJs have a more hectic schedule because they need to establish a reputation first. They may even have to have a day job so that they can make ends meet. It is not uncommon for new DJs to not earn enough money for all their needs. However, once they are able to establish a reputation, gain fans, and make connections, they can start earning good money.

DJs usually work with bookers, promoters, talent buyers, nightclub managers, bands, and their personal manager. They need to exert effort in building a fan base and establishing a reputation in the industry. There are a lot of competitors, so they may have to work for free in the beginning. They have to get to know bar and club owners and learn what the audience likes.

DJs can also produce their own music. However, they have to exert extra effort in finding out what the most popular music genres are, as well as where and when they have to perform to make their music known. It is good if they live in a major city where there are frequent raves and festivals.

In addition, DJs have to spend a lot of time online, following other DJs to get updates and learn more about popular styles. They also have to network with these DJs as well as their fans in order to become more popular. They have to maintain Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts to maintain their online presence.

DJs also need to know about the latest trends in music so that they can play requests from the audience. They have to be friendly to everyone on the dance floor. They also have to appear energetic, no matter how tired they are. Moreover, they have to give out demo CDs and upload their mixes to build a bigger fan base.